Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doctor Status: Goal Of This Guide

I'm Alth Aaiaa and I welcome you to this "guide" to the Strrrange Apparatus! Actually, it's morrre like a place to post and comparrre results. Please feel frrree to post your rrresults here or at the apprrropriate section. I hope to one day help uncover patterrrns to help people get the rrresults they want.

Before we starrrt, a friendly rrreminder to always set your Doctor passworrrds prior to using the Strrrange Apparatus!
Generate a password here or here.

More information {places from which I've gotten results}:
FFXIclopedia entry for Strange Apparatus
An Allakhazam Guide to the Strange Apparatus
Strange Apparatus topic at Killing Ifrit
Alla's SA Quest page

Code 00: Dangruf Wadi
Code 01: Gusgen Mines
Code 02: Crawlers' Nest
Code 03: Ordelle's Caves
Code 04: The Eldieme Necropolis
Code 05: Outer Horutoto Ruins
Code 06: Garlaige Citadel
Code 07: Maze of Shakhrami
Doctors' Notes
Doctors' Notes: Runic Results
Doctors' Notes: Two Theories on Runic Weapon Results

Please add your results using the following format:
Area - Day - Moon Phase - Item

Contributing Doctors {Those who have complete results and/or contributed Doctor's Notes}: Althaia (Starleafgirl AT gmailDOTcom), Alaaba (novaphaux AT yahooDOTcom), Ace (forgottenandlost AT gmailDOTcom), pogle (pogle AT becdDOTnet), Tatsuko (voltaic AT coxDOTnet), Moxie (webbdav AT earthlinkDOTnet), thatdamnelf, Kayberry, Ortega, Predecia, Indigla, Grodark, DokasTheWolf, mousekitty, Zediv, homerjays, Arestia, ZypherX, Aldante, Shaowstrike, Bahzell, ulyssez, Sethanganthi, UberFuzzy, Epiical, Casanndra, Cecyl, Desirai, kingofzeal, Ohemgee, gorokai, Wanderingweeble, Kaarek, Willriker, Courtney, LordMao, Boswen, Vaius, Ariehn, Haldarn


  1. Hey, Doctor Haldarn of Alexander here!

    I just visited a Strange Apparatus beneath the Eldieme Necropolis. Using the information you've collated and experimented on, I was able to pick my timing with tremendous results!

    It's Windsday, Last Quarter Moon (60%). Don't know if it makes a difference, but I was facing due West to use the apparatus and equipped myself with an Ice Staff for good measure!

    Overall, I only had four Clear Chips on me. They achieved the following results:
    #1 6x Rune Arrow (Boooo!)
    #2 Arcane Flowerpot (Yay! Exactly what I wanted!)
    #3 Rune Blade (Well, why not!)
    #4 Arcane Flowerpot (Most awesomely excellent! That should cover my 88,500 gil outlay nicely!)

    Thanks for your advice Doctor Aaiaa. Good luck in your future studies... I hope you crack the secret of these Strange Apparatus!

  2. Thank you, Doctor Haldarn of Alexander! Your results have been added and your name added to the list of Contributing Doctors! Be sure to refer all your friends to me, hah! XD

  3. Dangruf wardi Watersday Earthday (WG)
    Rune baghnakhs 1 2
    Cerment chunks 6 3
    rune arrows 2 1
    adaman nuggets 2 0
    rune axe 1 0
    Rune Bangle 0 2
    arcane flowerpot1 2

    Did not record moon for watersday

  4. Hello~wello, Doctor Daimonics of Diabolos reporting today! (tounge twister there huh?)

    Well, I'd like to say thank you for actually having this site up still after all these years, all the attempts of trying and getting crap and runes I can't use etc etc, till I found this a few months back. Sadly by time I had what I thought was the good chance to throw my stuff into the boil of wonders, I had no time to get back with you and this site on what I found. Needless to say I'm currently waiting a different opptune time to try again. I can vaguely give you what I remember from last time I did this with 5 attempts (5 chips, 5 cores, blah blah), however this time will only be 4 (kinda getting broke)

    This took place in Dangruf Wardi, I recall it being Firesday to match the chip, and remember not a full moon but rather it was 95-98% this I'm not sure or, nor if it was before or after the 100%.

    My findings where:

    Cerment chunksx6 (x3)
    Rune arrows x6
    Arcane Pot x1

    can't say that made up for it all seeing as I nearly spent over 100k for chips, but the cerment made up for some.

    However here is my next attempt today, and now being New Moon (%5) after 0%...Total opposite I know right?! Watersday, oh and yet again at the Wardi.

    Cerment Chunks x8
    Rune Baghnakhsx1
    Cerment Chunks x8
    and finally...
    Arcane Flowerpotx1 (W00Taru!!)

    So now I'm torn, but the thing is I'm using this site to hone in on the flowerpots, I now have 18 spaces to fill and gawd that's alot of gil. However, lets hope that means more info for this site from me, with hopefully less winded speeches.

    The Taru stuck in a Galka's body,

    p.s. Love the music selection, by now it's the frist thing I do when I log in here is pop-out the list to another window. =)

  5. Cralwers Nest, Watersday, Waxing Gibbous (81%)
    Doctor status
    6 rune arrows

  6. Ordelle's Caves, Windsday, Last Quarter Moon 60%
    Doctor Status enabled

    8 cermet chunks
    2 adaman nuggets
    8 cermet chunks
    6 rune arrows
    Arcane Flowerpot
    8 cermet chunks
    Arcane Flowerpot

  7. did 9 times
    1x cerment chunks
    1x adaman nuggets
    1x rune axe
    2x rune baghanaks
    3x rune arrows
    1x arcane flowerpot

    by tu